reJUVENATE Naturally with Ayurveda – FREE Intro to Ayurveda Workshop



Ayurveda, known as the “knowledge of life” is the sister science of Yoga. It is a complete wellness system based in nature. Learn the Ayurvedic perspective of health (svastha), the three pillars of life (eating /digestion, sleep, and energy expenditure/creativity) and the basic body/mind constitutions (doshas) that empowers each of us to create a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle.

This free introductory workshop is great way to understanding this complex system in simple practical terms. Come see why this ancient tradition is still being utilized in modern times despite the abundance of drugs available! (Hint: because natural remedies offer fewer to no side effects.)

You will start by taking a quiz to learn your body/mind constitution and then be given specific tips on how to utilize herbs and diet and other lifestyle practices to rejuvenate your health and reconnect with your true nature.



Kathy shares more about Ayurveda here in a blog post