reALIGN – Yoga for Improving Lower Back Pain Workshop 


In our modern chair-dwelling, driving, screen-gazing environments, lower back pain has become all too common in our lives. Some attempts to address this spinal problem may deal with immediate and acute symptoms, but may not always look at the underlying cause and ongoing prevention.

Because Yoga is such a pervasive science, targeted Yoga Therapy provides treatment and relief for lower back pain as well as protecting against further strain and stress on the area.


We invite you to join May Che, Yoga Therapist + Instructor and founder of re:YOGA Therapy +Wellness for a FREE two hour workshop to assist you in addressing lower back pain.

  • Find out more about the anatomy of the lower spine and common causes of lower back pain.
  • Be guided through simple yoga postures that relieve and renew this area of the spine.
  • Receive a simple and easy to follow set of yoga postures you can work with at home to maintain good lower back health
  • Be empowered to connect with your own spinal health and learn to care for this important area of your body.