reBALANCE- Yoga to relieve PMS, Menopause & Thyroid Imbalance – FREE workshop


Sunday October 18th 2:00pm – 4:00pm


Hormones are powerful chemical drivers that dictate many aspects of our health and wellness.  


As women, we will inevitably experience fluctuations in hormonal levels at various points in our lives and when our hormonal system becomes markedly out of balance, it can have a very disruptive impact.




Women who live with hormonal imbalance experience some or many of the following effects:


• Mood swings

• Weight gain

• Hair loss

• Sleep disruption

• Loss of energy

• Anxiety and Depression

• Difficulty focusing and controlling thoughts

• Loss of muscle tone

• Thyroid issues


GOOD NEWS! Yoga can help to restore balance in your hormonal system and help to relieve a lot of these symptoms.

Join Prema Jyoti  – experienced Yoga Instructor, Yoga Therapist and Counselor to learn more about the delicate connections between your hormonal system, your physical health and stress levels.





Learn about what causes hormonal imbalance in the physiological and energetic systems and how regulate it with Yoga and Breath Work.

Learn and practice simple postures that you can perform at home to support your ongoing hormonal health.

Experience a Guided Relaxation – Yoga Nidra designed to release tensions and re-fuel your system.

Receive a complimentary 10 minute recorded relaxation that you can take home and use any time.

Come and experience a workshop designed to empower you with techniques to enabling you to impact your own hormonal health and overall well-being through the healing science of yoga.



This workshop is free but space is limited.

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