reCALIBRATE – Elemental Alchemy: Balancing the Elements through Sound
Saturday, April 2, 2pm-5pm

A unique course to getting in touch with our creative selves, break through relationship or life blockages and move through creating space for something new in our lives through balancing the elements. This workshop will incorporate movement, breath, and sound (experienced through various instruments including singing bowls, gong, tuning forks).

We will focus on the various elements (ether, air, water, earth, and fire) slowly activating them within ourselves and moving through them to get closer to our purpose on this planet. There will be a special integration sound bath creating the space to manifest our creative endeavors.

  • Ether is where all ideas or manifestations begin.
  • Air is how we give voice to the ideas and intentions and write them down.
  • Water is how we embody these ideas and thoughts as our bodies are made of water.
  • Earth is where we ground our roots on the earth plane to have structure around the ideas.
  • Fire puts these things into action and burns off any other voices and things that are keeping us from our path and intention! And then the cycle repeats.

This workshop is to help with moving us out of stasis into action – with anything in our lives, both large and small – and bring us back into balance with ourselves. Please bring a yoga mat, journal and an open mind.

Led by: Helane Anderson, Sound Healer, CranioSacral and Massage Therapist (bio)

Fee: $55, $45 Pre-register by Mar 26, 2016

Helane's Sound Bath at re:YOGA