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Disrupted sleep can easily turn into a vicious and hard-to-interrupt cycle, and unless there is an identifiable medical problem or illness behind it, disrupted sleep is ultimately traced back to the ‘T Word’ – Tension.


Workshop includes a free recorded relaxation for you to take home.


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Tension dramatically reduces the ability to actually rest and properly nourish the body tissues, which results in the build-up of toxins and hormones, leading to more tension. When we are tense we can’t relax and so it becomes harder to sleep. The sleep we do get is then not of the same quality and we wake up feeling tired. More tension builds up… further inability to sleep… then a fear of not going to sleep due to past bad experiences… more tension.


Chronic lack of sleep can lead to a variety of debilitating health issues including:
· Reduced productivity
· Mood issues
· Reliance on sleep drugs and caffeine
· Weight gain
· Poor mental health, including depression
· Diabetes
· Heart disease
· Low sex drive
· Relationship difficulties


The Good News…
With some easy to follow simple yogic techniques, in most cases a return to your own natural nurturing sleep pattern is possible. Many people even experience instant improvements.


Come along and learn natural yogic techniques you can use yourself to improve your sleep.


This workshop is free but limited to only 10 participants.

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