Locations + Contact Info


Address: 6395 Meadows Court, Malibu, CA 90265
Phone: (310) 457-9000
Director: Cecilia Muniz (
Gate Codes: Street #9103 / House #2006


Point Dume
Address: 29149 Cliffside Drive, Malibu, CA 90265
Phone: (424) 644-0492
Director: Jay Harris (
Gate Codes: #6300

Yoga Class Format

  • Introduce yourself to those who are new to the home. Notate their names in your phone to remember for future sessions. Provide extra care/attention to those who are new the program and those who are leaving soon as they may experience higher levels of stress.


  • Start session with setting an intention (sankalpa).


  • Approx 25-30 minutes of breath-based movements. Keep it simple less militant and don’t worry about alignment too much unless it will cause injury. Sample: start standing or seated, neck stretches, arm stretches, stretching to the side, forward folds, badda konasana, janu, supine pigeon, happy baby, spinal twist, bridge flowing up and down, etc.


  • Last 20 minutes belly breathing, reiterate intention/sankalpa, and guided meditation/yoga nidra (ie. body scan). Use eye pillows (option for them) to help remove distractions. We can supply eye pillows for your use with class. During yoga nidra, can go around to do a simple body work at neck, shoulders, head. Please be extra mindful/careful about touching students and always ask for permission first and reassure them that it’s okay if they prefer not to be touched.


  • After the session, please email May a quick note of how class went, any issues/challenges, things that went well, etc.

Required Documents

Every instructor who works at Paradigm Malibu is required to submit all of the documents mentioned below.



The Paradigm Packet includes:


  1. Independent Contractor File Checklist
  2. Child Abuse Central Index Check
  3. Statement Acknowledging Requirement to Report Child Abuse
  4. Personnel Record
  5. Criminal Record Statement
  6. Request for Live Scan Service
  7. Health Screening Report
  8. Ethics and Boundaries Statement
  9. Harassment in the Workplace Policy
  10. Confidentiality Agreement
  11. Conflict of Interest Policy
  12. Water Safety Policy
  13. Employee Parking Policy
  14. Employee No Smoking/No Drug Policy
  15. Notice of Employee Rights



Additional documentation needed:


  • Copy of Current Drivers License
  • Copy of Diplomas and/or any Educational Certificates
  • Copies of Professional Licenses
  • Copy of CPR / First Aid Certificate



 IMPORTANT! Read before you start.


  • “Request for Live Scan Service” Form
    – Begin by completing your Live Scan. Please bring the completed form (filled out by you and the Live Scan provider) with you for your paperwork review. The actual results will be mailed to us directly.
    – Costs range from $55 – 100, so make sure to call a couple of different providers in your area.


  • “Health Screening Report” Form + TB Testing
    – The state requires a current TB test and Health Screening.  You can get these done at your general physician or at a local clinic or sometimes even certain pharmacies.  Have the physician complete, sign and stamp the Health Screen
    Form.  Bring this completed form for your paperwork review.  S/he can record the TB results on the “Health Screen Form” form or on a separate TB card. Regardless, make sure to have your test read and recorded by your practitioner.
    – If you need a TB test, you must be available 3 days after your first visit so that the doctor can check the results. Schedule your appointment with this in mind.
    – If you have had a TB test within the last year you may submit that. Health Screen and TB can be through your doctor, a community clinic, or some folks use CVS, etc.


  • “Child Abuse Central Index” Form
    Just complete the form. DO NOT send money or the form to the state. Simply bring it in with your other completed paperwork.


  • “Water Safety Policy” Form
    You will not be going near water, so you can just write “N/A” and submit it.


  • CPR / First Aid Certificate
    – If you don’t have a current certificate, we recommend‘s “CPR/First Aid for Adults” ($34.95). Complete it online, print your certificate, and provide us with a copy of the wall certificate.
    – You can use any provider and we will accept current certificates.


Download Paradigm Packet

Almost finished with your paperwork?

Once you are near completion of the requirements listed, please notify Diane Flinn so that she can let you know whether she will be reviewing everything when you come to Malibu or if she’d like you to mail it in.


Have a question?

If you have any questions, please direct them to Diane Flinn.


Paradigm HR: Diane Flinn (


  • Wednesdays 7-7:50pm
  • Saturdays 9:30-10:20am
  • Sundays 4:30-5:20pm

Location + Contact Info

Address: 6428 Meadows Court, Malibu, CA 90265
Phone: (888) 991-2186
Scheduler: Karre Lawson (
Gate Code #9103

Class Format

  • May vary from gentle restorative to moderate level conditioning based on student needs. Generally speaking, offer breath-based movements to encourage prana.


  • All classes should incorporate:
    • Setting an intention (sankalpa) at the beginning and reiterated at the end of class.
    • Guided breathing at beginning, during, and end of class. Consider Udjayi at beginning of class, during asanas, and Belly Breathing at end of class.
    • Minimum 10 mins of guided meditation and/or Yoga Nidra at end of class.


Required Documents

To be provided by Passages HR Department.