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Our Services

Our Services

Yoga Pose

Private Yoga
Therapy Lessons

One-on-one lessons offer customized guidance catered to your specific needs, schedule, and goals. Yoga therapy aids to reduce symptoms from pain, stress, and disease while improving energy and performance!

Yoga Class Participants

Corporate Wellness + Retreats

Our fitness and wellness services address the physical, mental, and emotional health of your employees. We help your company increase productivity while reducing healthcare costs and employee turnover.

Yoga meditation

Rehab Center


We specialize in pain and trauma-sensitive therapy sessions and collaborate with rehabilitation and therapy centers to integrate yoga therapy and other complementary healing modalities. 

What we do

re:YOGA is an integrative wellness service provider for the greater Los Angeles area. We specialize in offering therapeutic yoga classes, meditation, and various wellness classes and workshops led by our experienced wellness instructors (onsite or virtually). We also offer wellness retreat packages hosted at Gaia Villa, our partner retreat venue in Joshua Tree, California.


Our clients include private individuals, organizations and corporations, and rehabilitation centers.


Our Mission

Our mission is to serve individuals, organizations, and members of our community by offering personalized service and guidance. Using the principles and philosophies of yoga therapy and complementary wellness services, we address how to manage chronic pain and stress for our clients to experience increased levels of function and vitality. Yoga and wellness can be accessible to all walks of life and incorporated into everyday routines through our integrative programs and resources.

Our Philosophy

Traditional + Modern Approach

We combine time-tested traditional techniques with modern research and formulas for a more integrative approach.

Mindful Lifestyle and Patterns

We take lifestyle habits into consideration which may include patterns in movement, sleep, diet, work, leisure activities, and relationships.

Support + Accountability 

We serve as advocates to help develop and maintain a self-care regimen to sustain a long-term wellness practice. 

Respect Individuality

In both our private and group classes we offer options for accessibility that honors individual needs and differences. 

A message from our founder


We all deserve to experience optimal wellness!


After over two decades of applying yogic practices and principles to overcome my personal set of life challenges (from coping with chronic stress, physical misalignments, or digestive imbalances, just to name a few), I’ve made it one of my purpose to serve the community by sharing the benefits of yoga therapy and mindful living.


Most conventional yoga classes often prioritizes postures and sequences above the practitioner’s unique and individual needs. My inspiration is to empower individuals by making yoga accessible, particularly for those experiencing physical or mental/emotional limitations.


With re:YOGA, each team member is not only extensively trained but also caring and dedicated to serve your health goals. We also partner with corporations and therapy centers to advocate the benefits of yoga therapy for their members or patients.


Contact us to learn more about our services and how yoga therapy can initiate positive lifestyle changes for you and your loved ones!


May Che

Yoga Therapist and Founder, C-IAYT, E-RYT500

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