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Private Yoga Therapy


We specialize in working with

Beginners to yoga
Children and young adults
Expectant mothers
Chronic stress, anxiety, depression, or trauma
Chronic pain, injuries, or complex medical conditions

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy differs from conventional yoga class formats because it emphasizes tailoring the practice to the practitioner's health and medical needs. Rather than expect individuals to conform to postures and sequences, the practice adapts to individual needs and conditions to better support those who may benefit or require more individualized attention.


Yoga therapy is inherently integrative. Meaning, we account for the fullness of the individual - their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic "body". Lifestyle considerations are also relevant factors to the practice. We also draw from both modern science-based research as well as traditional time-tested techniques such as breathing, meditation, and movement practices to offer a more holistic approach to wellness.


Most importantly, we staff compassionate highly trained instructors and therapists that are better able to more safely and efficiently serve our clients. We recognize that yoga may be intimidating or even harmful to many who may have tried it. Our intention is to make yoga approachable, enjoyable, and effective!

Modern Dancer

Enhance your health and wellness regimen

Our clients are often surprised by how enjoyable and beneficial private yoga therapy lessons are relative to larger group class formats, particularly for those experiencing health concerns or chronic pain. If you are looking for natural and alternative methods to improve your health and reduce stress, contact us to learn how we can facilitate your journey!

How to get started


Book a complimentary discovery call (30 mins)

Our aim is to understand your specific needs, interests, and goals and discuss how yoga therapy and our services can address your needs and concerns.

Initial intake + assessment
lesson (2 hours) - $300

We dive deeper into your health and medical history, current lifestyle needs, and conduct a physical assessment to learn about your body and movement patterns.


Receive customized
yoga classes 

We find the best approach, class format, techniques and instructor (either May or our highly trained instructors) to optimize our care with the long-term in mind. Sessions can be virtual or in-person.


Warrior Two

Are you ready to take the next step on your wellness journey? 

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